Stigma: It’s Okay to Snap


Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines the word “snap” as: to grasp at something eagerly; make a pounce or snatch; to bark out irritable or peevish retorts; to undergo a sudden and rapid change. I wanted to make sure that is, in fact, what happened yesterday toward the end of my run at the Naval Academy. My […]

How Much Should You Challenge Yourself With Depression?


“When you’re emerging from a depressive episode, how do you know when to push yourself—in terms of commitments and challenges—and when to be gentle with yourself?” someone asked recently on my depression community, Project Beyond Blue. That’s one of the toughest questions people who have repeated depressive episodes face. Because no matter what they choose, […]

My Post Featured on Yahoo!

me on a bad day

My post, “Dear Friend, This Is Depression” is featured on Yahoo Health!  I wrote the following letter as a response to a conversation with a friend I have known since college. She wondered why I used the term “death thoughts” in my writing. But I wanted to publish it for all of the people closest to […]

A Forever-Kind of Illness

forever illness

I overhead my husband describing my health to someone on the phone the other day. “She’s definitely better,” he said. “She’s trying a lot of new things. It’s hard to say what’s helping the most.” “Well, she’ll always have it. I mean, it will never go away completely. But she’s able to manage her symptoms […]