pocket therapist front coverAbout THE POCKET THERAPIST:

Sometimes when life hands you lemons, it’s harder to make lemonade than that cheery notion suggests. In more trying situations, the initial urge may be to use said lemon as a projectile weapon aimed at the source of frustration. THE POCKET THERAPIST is a book for those lemon launching moments in life.

In this compact volume, Therese Borchard, author of the popular “Beyond Blue” blog, provides 144 tools and techniques to help address anxiety, fear, conflicts, and a host of situations that can make it tough to slog through life. Examples include:

#48. BEFRIEND YOURSELF. Have you ever wondered how long one of your friends would stick with you if you talked to her the way you shout at yourself?

#20. DON’T GO TO A HARDWARE STORE FOR TOMATOES. I don’t think I’ve ever left a bakery infuriated that they didn’t have any hamburger or left a butcher shop disappointed they didn’t stock any cucumbers. But I have done exactly that in so many of my relationships.

#70. SAY “OM.” I’m not talking about yoga, I’m referring to Omega-3 fatty acids.

#18. KEEP YOUR SPONGES SEPARATE. Although I know I’ll always ache when my kids suffer — or when a friend is going through a rough patch in her marriage –I can use different sponges. In fact, it’s best if I don’t cross-contaminate.

From the straightforward, no-nonsense pointers to the less conventional sanity sound bites, each of Therese’s strategies is meant to move us one step closer to Ahhh …and two steps away from chucking lemons.

Life is full of difficult situations. THE POCKET THERAPIST is here to help.

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5 Responses
  1. Marsha

    So blessed to have found you today! I need your books and your sense of humor. Stay strong!
    Marsha Lawson

  2. Ed

    I am a caregiver for my 25 year old son who has Schizophrenia. I am also a caregiver for my wife who suffers with PTSD as well as chronic physical pain. I need to take care of myself more in order to be there for my family.

  3. Thank you for being the first choice that popped up on Google when I typed “what can I do about being depressed after saying something inappropriate?” I will be checking out your books and have been uplifted by your advice. Many Thanks.

  4. Lydia G. Ellis

    A personal heartfelt Thank You!
    I first discovered your writings via Everyday Health about six weeks ago. They have been life changing!
    So many of your articles “speak to me”. I was finally diagnosed as Bi-
    Polar, & You have inspired me to understand a lot, seek professional help & attempt to take charge. I am 63, & recovering from a +/- 6 month depressive episode w/little to no “family” or friend support.
    Again, Thank YOU for sharing your personal journey!

  5. Victoria simoncelli

    Can you please tell me if severe depression can cause short term memory loss. I got very scared when I realized I could not remember four days. I started writing diwn two or three things we did each day.
    I have a handicaped daughter who will never live independently and I have no one to take care of her when I’m gone. I’m do scared