The Link Between Violence and Mental Illness Is Inaccurate and Unfair



American fashion designer Kenneth Cole recently posted a billboard prominently displayed over Manhattan’s West Side Highway that reads: “Over 40M Americans suffer from mental illness. Some can access care … All can access guns” with hashtags #gunreform and #areyouputtinguson.

Once again, an uninformed celebrity type has used his influence to further stigmatize those with mental illness.

I fully expect him to be jumping on Oprah’s couch next week advising the public if they embraced Scientology or possessed a pair of running shoes, there would be no need for psychiatric care.

American Psychiatric Association President Dr. Renee Binder made a public statement about the billboard, saying it unfairly linked mental illness with gun violence and the need for gun control. “It provides the gross misimpression that people with mental illness are violent,” Binder said. “The vast majority of people with mental illness are not violent and most acts of violence are not committed by people with mental illness.”

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Therese Borchard
I am a writer and chaplain trying to live a simple life in Annapolis, Maryland.

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5 Responses
  1. DM

    I’m playing catch up on all my emails and finally came across this. Wow, Therese, I didn’t realize Cole did this. So sad and very frustrating to have to deal with another layer of stigma. Thanks for writing about this.


  2. Larry

    I have major depression and chronic pain, both hidden disabilties, that only a few knew about a couple of years ago. I am sure the police thought it odd when I called complaining about my neighbors stepson threatning me with physical violence. I was caring for her sick dog while she and new family went on a vacation. I looked fine, able to take care of myself. The next day i called 911 asking for ambulance because I had been beaten up. Two knife wounds across my face, my back and neck with further damage. Five people had beaten me up. The police charged me with assult however. The five had came up their own story. I had jumped a fence and began beating a woman. I simply could not have jumped any fence- my c-spine had buldging and degenerative disc, i was on one fourth my topapax and 8mg clonopin. So a zombie in pain. It was cheaper for me to take plea bargin and plead guilty: i was depressed and shocked, I still dont go outside. I was afterward permanently disabled. The stepson admitmited what he and the others had done to mother. She told my POA. He was co-counsel, and the womans husband story agreed with mine- I simply was so depressed I didnt care. He admitted to assaulting me, but no charges were ever brought against him. His police record is 4″ thick, mine contained one sheet of paper. They have mulitple guns. I have now have mace.

  3. Sonja schilds

    Hi, I need help to be a Advocate for mentally ill. I want to talk about, govermemt.departments, for example. Sacat, is board member who say if a person has mental capacity. If they don’t, a guardian and their money affairs go to public Services and receive no money for six weeks. It took me
    twenty four hours. I want my story to be told. I want to speak of the stress caused to me by the mental health. I want the law changed, as every second counts. I want to speak up against the government. I have facts.