new website copyHello, Readers!

You may have noticed there are some changes to my website. Two years ago, I created a free blog,, because I couldn’t figure out how to build a website from the domain name that I had purchased. Free wordpress sites are great but they have many limitations, both in data storage and in development options.

So I finally located the right developer to help me move it over to the original domain: Thank you, Chris Gipple!

I believe all of the the email subscriptions have been carried over, but if you don’t receive it, please sign up again on this website.

I also wanted to address why I can only post a few paragraphs of some blogs and then link to Everyday Health. Per my contract with them, I can’t post the blogs for at least 30 days. So I post the link there, and then two months later, I usually post the entire piece. I know this is kind of a drag, and I apologize for that, but I am one of very few bloggers that actually gets paid to write, and I want to keep that gig.

Also, some of you have asked about my books: Beyond Blue and The Pocket Therapist. It’s an ugly situation with the publisher right now. They have no more copies and are refusing to reprint but they don’t want to give me back my rights because the books are still selling semi-well in electronic copies. It’s a little complicated, and that doesn’t help you out. So if anyone would like a copy of either manuscript, I am happy to send it to you and you can print it and pretend it’s a book.


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Therese Borchard
I am a writer and chaplain trying to live a simple life in Annapolis, Maryland.

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4 Responses
  1. Ellen

    Therese: Congratulations on getting back to the simple “”! The content of your writing is ALWAYS excellent, and it’s good to have the package also looking good so that the readers are attracted long enough to get to that wonderful content.

    Although this is not my area of law, you might want to consult an attorney who works with authors on publishing contracts to see if the print rights and the electronic rights can be separated. I would guess that they can.

    1. Therese Borchard

      Thank you, Ellen! I really appreciate the feedback! My agent is working on the rights … just a very frustrating process, so I figure I’d offer what I CAN do. Thanks so much!!

  2. DM

    Hi, Therese,

    Congrats on the changes, etc. to your website.

    I actually think it’s really cool that you have “Everyday Health” and your own site, along with Project Beyond Blue. It’s a great way for people to find you, in my opinion. And you have so much here and on PBB that I can patiently wait the 30 days or just hop on over to “Everyday Health” if I can’t, LOL.

    I am really sorry to hear about your publisher woes. I trust they will work out. I did have your book (“Beyond Blue”) in my list to buy online, then saw this post and went back online to my cart only to see it’s not available except used or electronically. Then I was considering buying the electronic version there. I was just waiting for my next billing cycle (mid June). However, I’m wondering now if I should just wait until everything’s worked out. I can be patient. I’m still reading a few other books. : )

    Dawn Marie