Therese Borchard
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“How much should you push yourself with depression?” a woman asked me the other day. “How do you know what your limits should be?” She wanted to know whether or not she should scale back to part-time work or continue to slog through her full-time job. I hear this question a lot in the depression...
I keep going back to this quote by Vivian Greene when it comes to learning how to live with my chronic illness: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass … It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” In fact, every morning I drink out of a mug with that quote on it...
It happens every year. As I watch the first golden leaves fall from the oak tree outside our house and listen to the sound of the cicadas ushering in autumn, my anxiety spikes. I used to think I was relapsing into depression, but having been through this year after year (and documenting it in my...
Dear Readers, I want to thank you for your outpouring of support and kindness in response to my post that I would be keeping parts of my story to myself because of a fear that by being so honest about where I am in my medication journey, I was leading others to make irresponsible and...
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Therese Borchard
I am a writer and chaplain trying to live a simple life in Annapolis, Maryland.

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