15 Quotes to Inspire People with Chronic Illness


8652634_origBeing sick is no fun. We all know that. But being chronically ill while maintaining a pleasant disposition is a daunting task even for the Greek gods. Every biological response in your body wants to lean into the creeping despair you feel. But by doing that with regularity, soon you will find as though you’ve given up entirely on life. You no know longer have the strength try to tease apart threads of joy from the suffocating blanket of pain that covers you.

Quotes are one of the ways I try to regain perspective in my persistent fight against the spirit of defeat that wants takes over when my resolve is down. Whenever I come across an inspiring quote, I write it down, so that when I have an afternoon where I can’t write or do anything productive—maybe just cry and feel sorry for myself–I can revisit my collection.

Here are some of my favorites that nudge me to choose health in the face of chronic illness.

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Therese Borchard
I am a writer and chaplain trying to live a simple life in Annapolis, Maryland.

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3 Responses
  1. Shirley Santanello

    I have had Systemic Lupus for 22 yrs and had to quit working due to the severity of the disease. This past yr has been especially upsetting as I was diagnosed with small vessel disease on a brain MRI. My vision was completely lost due to a retinal bleed & impaired blood flow to my retina. I’ve been on Cytoxan for 6 mos. Recently I was told I need 6 more months of IV Cytoxan. This news is grim as it’s the #1 cause of death in established pt’s. My vision has slowly returned. This disease has been an uphill struggle & I’m not sure I can continue on this roller coaster ride much longer. I’m an RN so know more than I should about the progression & complications of this in curable dx. I think I would gain some insight by reading this blog.

    1. Therese Borchard

      So sorry about your illness, Shirley. So glad your vision has returned. I wish you luck in your struggle. There is a group devoted to chronic illness on ProjectBeyondBlue.com you might want to check out for support.

  2. Pauline

    Hi Shirley ,I’ve had IBS kind of condition it’s so embarrassing due to excessive wind that comes out and bad breathing that causes me stinking mouth despite taking care of myself.I’m now isolating myself from others ,it’s tough to be in my state. Desperate Paul