Video: Why I Write This Stuff


I am relearning how to make videos for my blog and the website I’m working on (an online community called so that it’s more interactive.

Here’s my first attempt at hello!

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Therese Borchard
I am a writer and chaplain trying to live a simple life in Annapolis, Maryland.

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23 Responses
  1. Ammah

    Thank you Therese. May your voice reach out and heal not only your depression but all those who are struggling with depression & mental illness. You do not blame others or your parents for your depressinon. Cyber hugs to you.

  2. Margaret

    You have been fulfilling your Mission, and your promise to God. You always encourage us, have empathy, and understanding. May the Lord Bless you and keep you. The Lord is holding you in the Palm of His Hand.

  3. Paul Pfaff

    Therese, that’s a great video .. Your work is important. Love V. Frankl and his writing, lots of wisdom there. Peace!

  4. Martha

    Thank you for your video post & your blog. Your writing has touched me and helped me realize that even though I have these depressed feelings I can still function and it will get better…..maybe not forever, but will ebb & flow, as you said in the video, and I can live with that. Blessings to you Therese,

  5. Maria

    Therese how beautiful how I wish I had your guts to speak up and reach if only one person .God is very much your pilot and you have put your faith in his steering . Therese its been over 50 years that I have been in the company of the black hole or abyss as I like to call my adopted friend DEPRESSION . I hope that one day i will have the courage to stand up and tell my story and what a story it is .My fear also stands in my way ,judgement as well .Thanks for your openness xx

    1. Maria,

      There is nothing to be ashamed of. Would you be ashamed to
      admit you had diabetes or cancer? Of course not! But I DO understand your hesitation. There is still a huge abyss of understanding about mental illness. Just wanted to encourage you. God bless.

  6. Tracy G

    Finally managed to view the video – was not sure whether to focus on the content of the message or if you wanted feedback on production. The message and delivery seemed appropriate for an introduction and about the right length. I don’t k know if the production values are of importance or not but a few observations – the lighting changes were distracting as were the type of edits used between taped sessions – if it were possible, I would try and record in one session. It would help with continuity, and the delivery won’t have that “jumpy” recorded over time affect. Maybe a video production intern from a local college could assist your efforts The messages need to be heard – why let production values diminish their impact?

  7. Therese, just watched your video. Kudos to you. I think the older i get (I am older than you) the more I question almost everything we think we’ve learned about depression up to this point. At times I think the answers are incredibly simple, at other times incredibly complicated. But it seems to me that the people I know who suffer bouts of depression are, as a rule, honest, good, and kind people who would do just about anything not to be depressed. I’ve always maintained that shallow people don’t get depressed.:) Anyway, you did a good job and I appreciate your honesty. Helping others deal with this joy-sucking disease is the reason I blog as well. God bless.

  8. Dear Therese,
    I am so very grateful to you for your voice of encouragement and insight; the light cast by your lamp of personal experience, openness, and vulnerability; as well as your sense of humor, sharp wit, gentle kindness, amazing energy, sure leadership, heroism, and dedication to your promise and cause. Since the day not long ago that I pulled your book, “Beyond Blue”, off the local public library shelf, you’ve led me to other invaluable resources, including your other book, other acclaimed authors, your blog and posts on other websites, as well as the family-like GBB Tribe. By the way, great video!

  9. Christian

    What drives me nuts about depression are all the tantalizing “cures” out there–tDCS, TMS, ketamine, this therapy, that therapy–that, once you’ve experienced them, leave one with a profound sense of “meh.” There is a lot of hopefulness when the new thing is first met, but that hope is only that, hope. It isn’t a working cure, it isn’t something that, once you leave the therapist’s or doctor’s office, you can say, “The hope and the reality met and equaled each other.” Thanks for your video.