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As a manic-depressive, my postcard from the Caribbean would say, “Having a ball, wish I were dead.” (My guardian angel, Ann, came up with that one.) That’s how moody I am. And my moods definitely fluctuate according to the seasons.Thus, my love-hate relationship with October.

Typically, in a non-global-warming world, this is the month when nature is most dramatic about transitioning from summer to winter. With every leaf turning and falling, I cringe a little, because I LOVE summer and all its light (I used to be life guard … bring on the skin cancer), and, for the most part, I HATE winter with its short days that seem longer than ever when you’ve got two energetic kids stuck inside the house. The pumpkin patches, Fall festivals, and Halloween parties (not to mention the bags of Kit Kats I buy “to pass out to the kids”) help me through October, but I still spend this month like a polar bear–making the necessary preparations for my impending hibernation.

I taped this video in the beginning of October when the leaves were green and attached to the trees. So, in case you think I’ve relocated to southern California, nope … I’ve just been sitting on this awhile. And by the way, Happy Halloween to all my Beyond Blue readers! Try your best to differentiate the ghosts that come knocking at your door begging for candy from the ones hanging out in your head begging for power and influence 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on onbeingmindful and commented:
    I can so relate! I pulled out my light box today. Daylight savings time in my part of the world starts in 2 weeks. I hope to avoid the descent into the darkness this year.

  2. Andrea

    You are such a amazing writer. I live for your posts! Keep up the work, you are helping so many people! You have no idea how many people you are reaching! Andrea