newvoices.orgThe classic poem “Desiderata” says that if you compare yourself to others you will either become vain or bitter.

I don’t worry about becoming vain—as my self-esteem is still beneath sea level. But bitterness? That one had a hold of me last weekend.

I reached out to a guy with whom I was in regular touch a few years back. He suffered from debilitating depression then, so I thought he might benefit from the depression support group I just created on Facebook. He told me he was in a much better place now, and that he really didn’t have much need for depression support now since he only had few, mild symptoms.

Two hours later I ran into a friend of mine who had suffered from severe pregnancy-related depression. Once her son was born, she was relieved of most of her symptoms. She told me her hell lasted about a year.

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Therese Borchard
I am a writer and chaplain trying to live a simple life in Annapolis, Maryland.

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4 Responses
  1. Beth

    Thank you. This is such a wonderful article.
    My million dollar repeated question still remains how does one get help for someone with depression? I have tried to help, I have stepped back, I have kept quiet to rude emails, phone calls, false accuatations & cut off.

  2. Pam

    I always look forward to your blogs. I too have treatment resistant depression and have tried every medicine currently available, a clinical trial, ECT. TMS, counciling, hypnosis, et al. I am so envious of those who respond to treatment. I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I can’t help wanting the relief they are experiencing. I also felt very moved by your recent blog about trying to imagine how many more years you have to live with this condition. Sometimes my prayer is for a shorter life. But I am leaving it to God. I still work, have a supportive family and friends who care. I am more blessed than some. Thanks again.