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  1. On the tram the other day there was a guy (probably about 30 y/o) who was talking to himself and blethering on to an invisible source. No one was sitting near him but me. He was very drunk, nursing a beer. There’s a rehab facility and psychiatric hospital near where I live. I thought maybe he was travelling there. He kept looking over at me and I smiled back at him. He then dropped his beer and started swearing and growling really loud. The tram driver looked up and was going to stop. I ssssshhhhhed at him. He started crying saying ‘I’ve effed up, I’ve really effed up’. I got up to get off at my stop and I said to him ‘Don’t worry darl, tomorrow will be a better day’. We all have to believe that.

  2. Jim Hawkins

    Hi Therese,

    From responses to your message, I see that you have struck a vital point for others to hear and believe and act on. You are a splendid mentor — thanks,