Happy Daylight Savings! And New Therapist and Doctor Referral Group


Unknown-5Happy Daylight Savings Day! I know I always feel better once this day arrives … the beginning of Spring to come.

Also, I wanted to let folks know that we now have a Doctor and Therapist Referrals section (group) on Project Beyond Blue (now over 2200 members!). When Beyond Blue Foundation has the resources, I’d like to have a more sophisticated database or system. But this is a good beginning–a way to exchange information and opinions about healthcare professionals.

This is SO important to recovery from severe depression and other mood disorders. I had to try seven psychiatrists before I found a good one. Part of the mission of Beyond Blue Foundation is to assist a person in getting the RIGHT kind of help, so I think this kind of tool–hopefully a better system coming–will go far.

Thanks, and happy beginning of Spring!



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2 Responses
  1. D.

    Thank you for the referral list! I have had some horrible experiences with therapist and wished there was a referral list from clients to keep them safe. Just because they have a license it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing! Just because they are on your insurance plan it doesn’t mean they are safe. And just because another doctor or therapist refers them it doesn’t mean they are safe or good. Remember those given the referrals are not their clients and don’t really know the quality of a colleagues work.