Every Depression Has a Gift


“Each depression,” some wise person told me, “has it’s own gift.” I didn’t understand at that moment. But now I do. My first breakdown shattered my pride so that I could write from the heart. My second depression shattered my bitterness, so that I could learn to connect with others who feel pain like I do. Maybe your depression has a gift too.

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Therese Borchard
I am a writer and chaplain trying to live a simple life in Annapolis, Maryland.

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4 Responses
  1. Ammah

    Every thing happens for a reason. Your depression has given you a platform to help, teach & understand people.

    Our daughter illness started with depression. She has not been sleeping. She runs, swims, does yoga but nothing is helping her. She is paranoid schizophrenic, she suffers from delusion. She has accused her brother in-law of hitting her 12 year old though the child has denied. She has made mischief between her child and all her care takers, grandmothers, aunties, nannies even her school teachers! She functions well and looks great. Since few months she has decided I am plotting to undermine her & conspiring against her to family members to take her kids away from her. I love my Grandkids but I don’t want to raise any ones child. I truly can’t. I am 73 years old and I am tired & keeping poor health.
    Had I not stumbled in to you I would not have known what was wrong with her. I don’t know why she is refusing help. She will destroys herself & her family with what she is doing.

  2. logicalperson

    Anxiety and fear to reach out for help accompanies my depression, which then makes me feel worthless. I fear rejection again and have no confidence anymore. This has gone on for many years, but is worse over the last few years. I embarrass myself with this constant fear, as well as fear of embarrassing my two grown sons. I used to be able to get through it and fake it while they were growing up, so they thought I was a strong person, but now anyone can see through me. Makes me want to hide even more.

  3. Maria

    Therese thank you for your message
    It certainly has been true for me I have come to a place where I dont punish myself for going back into the black hole once again .