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When I’m caught in the net of a depressive cycle, few things can bring me relief. Laughing, hands down, is the best medicine … but there are days even my sense of humor has ran away with my happy thoughts. Being around people seems to work sometimes. Because it’s harder to ruminate when you’re technically engaged in conversation. Any kind of distraction is a bonus.
But when I’m alone … trying to work, be productive, and fighting the intrusive thoughts, I’ve found that keeping something on my desk, or in my pocket, or next to my bed–a piece of artwork or something that inspires me–gives me a little gas on the harder days.
Here are my three things … situated throughout the house to inspire throughout the day.
anya brave.jpegIn my bedroom, I keep right by my bed a painting that Beyond Blue reader Anya Getter designed after reading one of my posts. When I received it in the mail, I was totally blown away. The painting is called “courageous” and it says, next to a lady who looks resilient and self-confident (my dream!): “Do one thing each that scares you,” a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. I look at her as I’m folding the laundry and the thoughts come to give up … on everything … and I decide to write my blog for one more day and to not cancel the publicity gig for my book. I look at the woman in the painting and am inspired by her, which means my laundry gets done sooner, too, because I’m not stopping to research new careers after pairing up each sock.
therese of lisieux 2.jpgOn my desk, in my son’s bedroom, where I work most of the time is a framed original holy card of St. Therese. I’ve mentioned in a few places, that I have a strong devotion to St. Therese for many reasons: she also suffered from mental pain, I love her mission of doing good from heaven and sending us roses, her vision was always to do little things with great love (and since I don’t feel capable of doing great things right now, her “little way” is comforting), and, well, I was named after her and have witnessed her intercessory power in my life. In the frame, I have tucked the card that came with six red roses from my college friend, Libby, who introduced me to Eric. It says, “Thank you for putting your story out there for the people who need to read it. Hope you enjoy the roses. From St. Therese and me!

The Magnificat 2.jpgAnd then finally, right next to my printer, where I go to fetch paper at least a dozen times a day is the beautiful page from an original Liturgy of Hours with the Magnificat, Mary’s song of praise. My friend sent it to me with a card that said my soul also rejoiced in the Lord and that I need to keep inspiring people just like Mary.
Do you have three things that you can place throughout your house to inspire you?

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2 Responses
  1. Elizabeth

    Reading your blogs and books and watching your videos is in the top 3 of my list of things that inspire me!

    P.S. Which is what I’m doing now after a tough day.