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Even with its gorgeous foliage and festivities, autumn triggers anxiety and depression for many people. The shorter days and lack of sunlight affect our circadian rhythms; we feel the stress of upcoming holidays; and the claustrophobia of winter is lurking around the corner. Mother Nature fortunately has done her part in providing many foods and...
Twenty-four-year-old pop star Selena Gomez will be taking time off from her Revival world tour to take care of herself after experiencing some depression and anxiety related to her diagnosis with lupus. She explained to People magazine recently that “anxiety, panic attacks, and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges.” A year ago, the singer and actress...
In 2007, comedian Stephen Colbert was interviewed by Parade magazine about surviving childhood tragedy: When he was 10, his father and two brothers were killed in a plane crash. He talked about how he was riddled with fear after the crash, and then one night, while apprenticing with comedy troupe The Second City in Chicago,...
The American Journal of Psychiatry has just published a meta-analyses of supplements, or nutraceuticals, that, used in adjunction to antidepressants, have evidence of reducing depressive symptoms. The primary positive results were found with SAMe (adenosylmethionine) methylfolate, omega 3 (primarily EPA or ethyl-EPA), and vitamin D. Positive isolated studies were found for creatine, folinic acid, and...
What we eat might not be able to cure us indefinitely from depression. I learned that hard lesson earlier this year. However, researchers are compiling strong evidence that what we eat can influence our risk for developing depression and can keep persons in remission from possibly relapsing. Eating better foods has certainly helped my mood...
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