7 Things Christmas Teaches Us About Hope



For Emily Dickinson, hope is the thing with feathers.

In my world, hope is the thing with tinsel.

Like most people, Christmas evokes all kinds of emotions for me. There is grief of loved ones lost during Christmases past and anxiety about how handle difficult relationships at family get-togethers. There is stress when I add yet another item to my ever-expanding holiday to-do list. And there is the sense of wonder when I drive through town and gaze up at all the lights and wreaths reminding me to hold on to the magical feeling I felt as a young girl on Christmas morning.

Most of all, though, Christmas inspires hope. The symbols and stories surrounding the birth of Jesus whisper into my ear, “Don’t give up. Keep going.” Here are just a few of the ways Christmas teaches me lessons of hope and fills me with optimism.

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