5 Medications or Supplements That Made Me More Depressed


healthtap.comThe more medications and supplements I try in an effort to minimize my symptoms of depression and anxiety, the more I realize that every editable item you place in your mouth has a risk associated with it. Even the natural ones that are supposedly made from cats’ claws, wild yams, or some organic plant. Moreover, YOU need to read about its potential side effects and inform yourself before you place the thing on your tongue, because chances are your doctor won’t be well-versed on all the strange reactions it could cause.

I write this article not to scare you, but out of responsibility. Had a few people not written online about their experience with the hormone supplement progesterone, I’m not sure I would be here to inform you about my negative responses to a few medications and supplements I’ve tried in the last ten years. Of course, some of these may do wonders for you, as some of the drugs that I have taken for years, like Lithium, were not tolerated by friends of mine. Each of us is so different with unique biochemistries. At any rate, here are a few medications and supplements that made my symptoms worse.

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