Teresa of Avila: Our Prayers Need Not Be Perfect



In my daily meditational “Magnificat,” I read an excerpt from Teresa of Avila that gave me hope that we need not have perfect faith for our prayers to be heard by God. She writes:

I was alone then without any person in whom I could find some support, unable to pray vocally or read, but terrified by so much tribulation and fear as to whether the devil would deceive me, completely agitated and wearied without knowing what to do with myself. I remained in this condition for four or five hours, because there was no consolation for me either from heaven or from earth; the Lord left me to suffer and fear a thousand dangers. 

All fails me, my Lord; but if you do not abandon me, I will not fail you. Let all learned men rise up again me, let all created things persecute me, let the devils torment me; do not you fail me, Lord, for I already have experience of the gain that comes from the way you rescue the one who trusts in you alone.

Originally published on Beyond Blue at Beliefnet.com

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