Join “Faith & Depression” on Project Beyond Blue!

faith and spiritualityEver since I stopped my blog, Beyond Blue, on, I have been yearning to continue the discussion of how faith and spirituality impact depression, and vice versa. I am pleased to announce that I will be moderating a group called “Faith & Depression” on the new community, Project Beyond Blue. Also join Bob Park’s discussion, “World Spirituality,” which includes all the world’s religious traditions.

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3 thoughts on “Join “Faith & Depression” on Project Beyond Blue!

  1. My faith in God always seems to be present in me,I have discovered. Even when I am fighting “the beast”(depression) it is there. Maybe not as strong but always there. I guess that is why I am still here. Luckily I have a few prayer warriors that pray for me. Take Care and God Bless

  2. We are all aware of our faith, but Paul in his Epistles says in Galatians 2:20 “The life that he lived now in the flesh he lived “by” the faith of the Son of God who loved him and died for him” Living by the faith of God is living by God’s full Trinity in the believer. God only trust himself to present us with the real person who was to be created in the mother womb. We as human beings search our whole life looking for thing that will satisfy us by our senses, but we leak out, wear out, and burn out, wanting bigger, better and ,more. Eventually we become depressed because we cant find the real me-person to complete our creation. If you are a Christian and believe Christ lives in you, then make Him your only life, and be saved for your heaven on earth by the Christ life instead of trying to correct the flesh life. Having worked in prisons, jails with detainees who have addictions and knowing that all problems are the same such as body pulls, It takes Christ to overcome our worldly symptom’s. Our sins opens the door to sickness and disease and only God can heal us. Praise the Lord…Some Christians are praying to live, and some are praying to die and can’t do either.

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