Why Real Love Is Hard Work

rainbow loomA month into our relationship, my now-husband asked me, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

I didn’t hesitate.

“As a nun in a third-world country doing missionary work,” I said.


Somewhere around that time I also told him it would be five years before I slept with him. It was the quickest five years of my life.

I had a few issues.

A few.

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2 thoughts on “Why Real Love Is Hard Work

  1. Love is respect for each other. My husband & I have been married 45 years this year. Yes we have had our bumps in life.

    Now when we could have relaxed & enjoyed our retirement. We are struggling with our daughters depression & worse yet her cut off. We are told cut off is an epidemic. Knowing this does not make it less painful for us either of us but worse yet for our daughter. She has been suffering from panic attacks, mood swings, no sleep, on long term birth control pill, anixity & worries. Has put on weight. Not talking to siblings or cousins. Broke of contact with all old friends. Has thousands of new Facebook friends. Her Mum in law is concerned about her.

    Loving some one who rejects you love is the hardest.

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