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Everyday Health and I produced a series of 10 videos covering different components of recovery from depression. Here are four of them: Getting Through the DayFamily, Marriage and DepressionWorking When You’re Depressed and What It’s Like to Have Depression.

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Beliefnet Videos

I have also produced dozens of video blogs (vlogs) that may be accessed on Beliefnet’s Beyond Blue YouTube channel or my YouTube channel. Some are raw, like “Me On a Bad Day” or “My Self-Esteem File.” Others provide tips on living with depression and anxiety, like “The Highly Sensitive Person,” “Unload Your Guilt,” and “5 Forms of Distorted Thinking.”

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6 Responses
  1. Nana

    How can I help some one with depression? Our daughter is depress but does not want to talk about it ( she maintain contact )
    Second child age 40 also suffers from depression & has cut off all contact. How do I help her?

  2. Dear Nana,
    One of the most powerful words in psychotherapy, and also the shortest ! ,
    is l e t .
    If your first child isn’t talking about her depression with you…. she simply isn’t ready. Reassure her from time to time you love her, give her a hug ……. but this is no time to intrude with your own need to help. It’ll happen, but in her time frame.
    Same applies to daughter No.2 . Take your lead from the Samaritans ( U.K.) when they have a potential suicide call/ or depression/or other serious problem and the caller refuses to open up …… the Samaritan on duty simply waits on the phone for the client to talk…… if they don’t and long silences ……. up to 20 mins or more develop, the Samaritans simply says
    ” I’m still here for you”. So, let your No.2 know you’re always there for her ……..

    Its really hard for you …. but hey girl ! your need to help has to be put on back burner until they’re ready .
    … and yes …… at my age I can call you girl……. as I’m much older !

  3. Valerie Krygsheld

    Your name popped into head tonight Therese. Not sure why. But I thought I’d look you up. I followed you on Beyond Blue quite a few years ago and you just really were an inspiration and encouragement. I’d love to get your newsletter. Valerie

  4. Teresa B

    Your website group is a life saver! Literally! Thanks so much for your enlightenments! Send news letter please.

  5. I was searching for help with thoughts of hopelessness and I found your site, by accident??..I have been depressed most of my life with some remissions and acute attacks. Now I am facing the anxiety of turning age 85 my next birthday, knowing it is difficult to get passed age 86. I am not afraid of death but what can happen to you before you die with chronic diseases and painful medical treatments. I have seen so much suffering among the dying that I believe in preventive suicide to avoid it. My standard for quality of life does not include confinement in a nursing home or Alzheimers ward. There are literally no caregivers left who I can depend on. Having watched my wife die slowly for ten years with breast cancer, I am hoping for more control of my exit.