I have appeared on national television programs such as “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher,” ABC News Now, and “Fox & Friends,” as well as dozens of regional television programs and national/local radio shows. Since I have written books and articles on motherhood, marriage, spirituality, relationships, and mental health, I am asked to provide commentary on a host of topics.

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  1. Gloria

    I read this morning the piece you wrote about “What I wish everyone knew about depression”. It made me feel a renewal inside because I felt like there was really someone who completely understood my feelings instead of offering me a quick idea of something I could do like take a walk, exercise, listen to soft music, etc. to take my mind into a place to make my depression go away. I am so glad I found this website to go to where other people know exactly how I feel ad understand. Dreams really do come true.

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    Angelica Edwards
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    Hello Therese, Your book Beyond Blue is extremely needed by people who have had bad experiences and difficult lives to learn how to believe in themselves to make a change for good continually. I’d love to feature you as an expert speaker for my upcoming virtual interview series called, “Bullied, Abused, Suicidal No More” Helping to enrich creativity and build hope to overcome trauma while gently spreading Jesus powerful love. This movement is to encourage victims of abuse and bullying and those feeling suicidal to be strong by connecting through various forms of art and science. Connecting those who’ve already been inspired and successful to now share how some of those experiences gave them bravery to push through. Would you be interested in participating?
    Sincerely, Angele Edwards

  3. Mason

    Hi. My name is Mason and this a long shot that you even see this email. For many years, I have dealt with mental issues and am student at University pursuing a degree but in my spare time, I wrote this paper. It’s called “A Look into a 20 Year Old’s Mind.” It is a 6 page single spaced story about my struggles with mental health, other issues a 20 year old deals with, and overcoming those struggles. It also gives a voice to the parents of those dealing with mental health on simple steps to help their child. Anyways, I wanted to talk with you potentially about what you think I should do with this paper and platform?