128x128-EHlogo-1-1I write Sanity Break on Everyday Health, a blog that’s a combination of support and education, of community and rambling. I cover depression and anxiety primarily, but also touch on the other mood disorders comorbid with the twin powers, most of which I have experienced myself: bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and ADHD.

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I am also a regular contributor to Psych Central, where I write for the blog, World of Psychology. Subscribe to my Psych Central feed here. Some favorite posts are:

The Idiot’s Guide to Dealing With Idiots

6 Reasons Why It’s Good to Be a Loser

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BB logo colorI penned the blog, Beyond Blue, on for seven years. Some favorite posts are:

Depression: It’s Spiritually Incorrect

I, Too, Have a Dream

They Just Don’t Get It


4gy783tae1jr6ul8nnvdI also blog on The Huffington Post. Favorite posts include:

The Moment I Knew I Was Depressed

When Does Flirting Become Cheating?

Is Focusing on Normal Making Us Unhealthy?


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5 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Hello Dr. Therese Borchard im from the Philippines not American im also experiencing post traumatic disorders due to experiences with people in social circles, Because of that i had trust issues, always have a doubt in new people i meet, i want to join this blog so i can share all the battles that i faced do to my learning dis abilities. It impact also my personal relationship, i withdrew to organization feeling im unwanted thank you hope i can Join the blog spots my Email is

  2. Why do you keep going? I know your family and your work are important, but what is it that makes you stick around when depression and death thoughts have brought you to your knees and almost paralyzed you? You know those things are never going away, so, why continue in the pain, suffering, devastation? Sure, there are the occasional reprieves when things are ok–maybe even good–but they don’t last.
    For me, it’s the depression, overwhelming grief and PTSD along with periodic episodes of anxiety, panic, fear, etc. Add in chronic health issues (diabetes and recently diagnosed kidney disease) and every single day is a fight and a struggle to just keep going. I turned 50 years old yesterday–nothing to celebrate or be happy about and spent it alone. Just a reminder of all the things missing in my life: a husband or boyfriend, children, friends, a social life, and perhaps the worst, my beloved dog that lived to be 15 and 1/2 yrs old until I had to put her down 2 years ago as of April 23rd. Winnie had become everything in my life, so, I didn’t even try to have anything else. Now I have nothing except the grief that can still paralyze me on too many days. I want to be with her; I want to go where she is. There’s nothing on this earth to keep me here–I can’t hold a job since I’m crazy and sick. I barely leave my apt because I don’t want to interact with strangers who would very quickly learn how sick I am—the word “CRAZY” might as well be tattooed on my forehead. I just don’t think there’s anything to keep me here any more.
    Death thoughts are constant, and I go through my days now trying to take care of unfinished stuff for when the right time comes. I know it isn’t today or even this weekend–there’s still too much to do. But someday it will all be completed,and there won’t be anything left to do.
    Sorry to ‘dump’ this on you, but I know you have been in this place before–i don’t of anyone else who has. Plus, I have read a lot of your articles and it’s clear how geniune you are—too many others aren’t.
    Continue to take care of yourself and your family and to write all you can about people like us. Maybe someday more people will understand and not stigmatize us so much. Just think how many lives could be improved and even saved if that happened.
    Thanks for listening!!

    P.S. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter or anything like that, so, that’s why I wrote this here.

  3. I found your Beyond Blue website in the past. Now I found community dot hope something, but it is loading too slowly and timing out. Every time.
    Where can I find your Beyond Blue website and all of its groups? I have no idea where to find it. I don’t want to join a Facebook group if people can see I’m in it. Help!!!

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