9 thoughts on “12 Favorite Inspirational Quotes

  1. I love these quotes. I find all my best and favourite and most encouraging ones on Instagram now as I prefer not to go on Facebook. There are so many people posting these inspiring quotes and sometimes they are often the glue that keeps me together that day.

  2. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, she is deceased now but still is in my head! She was not a good role model for me. As I thought about her I was grateful that she gave me life, but angry that she also gave me depression, anxiety, fears and little joy. I expressed this to my husband and he said “well think of her mother”. So true, her mom was an alcoholic who lost her husband when my mom was seven and their lives were tough. So as I brooded I read my emails and came across this one- I stopped dead in my tracks! I read these short but poignant inspirations, and so many spoke to me! I read them again and started to rethink my attitude, I am not my past or my depression. How quickly things turned around as I chose happiness! Thank goodness for this post!

  3. I like every single one of these! The author of each has experienced pain yet is sharing hope, belief and faith, trust.

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