Blog Update!

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Hello, Readers! You may have noticed there are some changes to my website. Two years ago, I created a free blog,, because I couldn’t figure out how to build a website from the domain name that I had purchased. Free wordpress sites are great but they have many limitations, both in data […]

Is Depression Always a Disease?


Like most mental health writers, I have compared depression to other illnesses like diabetes in the past, and stressed the biochemical aspect of mood disorders in my efforts at reducing stigma. Somehow talking about the gene G72/G30 located on chromosome 13q (that may predispose individuals to depression and bipolar disorder) makes it more legitimate, as […]

I’m Depressed, Not Dangerous


Every time there is a tragedy like the Germanwings crash in which the murderer is suspected of (or is documented with) mental problems, my job as a health advocate who tries to educate the public about the complexity of mood disorders gets much, much harder. Why? Because the connection of depression and/or suicidal thoughts is once again […]