6 Tips For Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding


I do hereby confess that I exhibit symptoms of compulsive hoarding, especially when it comes to books, magazines, newspapers, or other tangible, often recyclable sources of information. I never know when I will need that reference book that I haven’t touched in 18 years, and I experience substantial anxiety whenever my husband attempts to throw […]

8 Ways to Find Real Happiness at Work


Most adults spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. If you are unhappy there, you are unhappy a major chunk of the time. Sharon Salzberg, renowned meditation teacher and cofounder, with Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein, of the Insight Meditation Society, has just released an invaluable resource on finding happiness at work. “Real […]

5 Steps to Find Calm: An Interview with Robert J. Wicks


Renowned psychiatrist Peter Kramer once said that the opposite ofdepression isn’t happiness. It’s resilience, the ability to bounce back from tragedy, to regain a healthy sense of perspective after traumatic or stressful experiences. In my recovery from depression andanxiety, it is calm — more than excitement or joy or contentment — that I seek. I want merely to […]

Is There Value in Suffering?


Last summer, when I was in the midst of a severe depressive episode, a good friend told me that my suffering had value, that she was sure that my angst and tears would serve some purpose. “This isn’t all wasted, “she said, “suffering has redemptive power.” She sent me an excerpt of Pope John Paul […]

Mental Disorders in Mid-Life and Older Adulthood May Be Substantially More Prevalent Than Previously Reported


According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, depression affects more than 6.5 million of the 35 million Americans aged 65 years or older. Most of them have been experiencing episodes of depression throughout their lives. For others, depression has a first onset in late life—even persons in their 80s and 90s. However, those numbers—as […]

Study Says That an Understanding of Humor Can Lead to New Psychiatric Treatments


Research led by Swiss neuroscientist Pascal Vrticka and his US colleagues at Stanford University has found that, among other things, humor plays a key role in psychological health. According to the study, recently published in the journal “Nature Reviews Neuroscience,” adults with psychological disorders such as autism or depression often have a modified humor processing […]

Does Everyone Lie?


I am at the post office with two boxes of heavy books. I can send them book rate, which is far cheaper than first class if there is no personal correspondence inside the box. “Is there a letter or any form of personal correspondence in any of these boxes?” the post office attendant behind the […]