Building a supportive community on Facebook

facebook pageSomeone added an author page for me on Facebook last year and I updated it today and sent a few invitations to Facebook friends. I’m hoping the page can become like Group Beyond Blue, the support group for depression I moderated a few years back. It was such an engaging group of people, and I learned a great deal from all the conversations we had going on various boards. If you “like” the page you will receive updates, links to articles I post, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Building a supportive community on Facebook

  1. I would love to join but I do not have a facebook account. I’m in the process of looking for work and all the folks at my unemployment center kept reminding us that potential employers frequently check social network sites. I would be concerned re: confidentially not only on your site but facebook in general. You have been my inspiration for the last several years. I hope your blog continues.

    1. Thank you, Donna. I appreciate that! And I completely understand about the concerns. I’m sort of already out there so it doesn’t matter ūüôā I will continue this blog. thanks, t

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