The Stupid Complex

The Stupid Complex

Nowhere in the DSM-IV does it mention “the stupid complex,” but I’m telling you it’s an epidemic these days. I used to suffer in silence. But ever since I’ve come out of the closet, I swear I find a fellow sufferer every day. At my last therapy session, I was telling her how scared I […]

Treating Addiction Is Not Always a Cure for Treating Mental Illness: An Interview With Howard Samuels


I’ve long been interested in the connection between mental health and addiction because the worlds of recovery are so similar and yet so different. One of my biggest frustrations in addiction recovery circles is the lack of awareness of mental health–especially the physiological nature that threatens lives. And many depressed folks don’t take seriously enough the addictive […]

Video: Unload Your Guilt!

Guilt is one of the main rivers feeding into the great lake of depression. And that’s unfortunate if you’ve been raised Catholic or Jewish. Or are prone to OCD behaviors like extreme rumination of thoughts. Soooooo ….. as usual, I have to come up with a visualization technique that allows myself to unload some of […]

Get a Hold of Yourself: 3 Kinds of Deep Breathing

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Deep breathing has become increasingly important in my recovery from depression and anxiety because I recognize that shallow breath contributes to my panic. In fact, at my worst hours, I would use a paper bag to keep from hyperventilating. The practice of deep breathing stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), responsible for activities that occur when our body is […]

Who Moved My Cheese? Keep Moving the Cheese!


Human beings are creatures of habit, which is why Spencer Johnson sold more than ten million copies of his book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” Business executives sit down to PowerPoint presentations based on it, and depressed patients watch the “Who Moved My Cheese?” video during group therapy in hospital psychiatric units across the country. (Who […]

When Things Fall Apart


The Everyday Health link is down right now, so I thought I’d publish the whole post here. A very wise editor once gave me a simple piece of writing advice: write from where you are, not from where you want to be. In naming this blog, “Sanity Break,” my hope is that it becomes a […]