Working in Quiet Cooperation with God


This passage from St. Francis de Sales (An Introduction to the Devout Life) has been keeping me sane as I second-guess most of the substantial decisions I have made in the last two weeks: Flies harass us more by their numbers than by their sting. Similarly, great matters disturb us less than a multitude of […]

Treatment Resistant Depression and Brain-Imagining Research


Approximately 10 percent of depressed persons are treatment resistant. These folks have not responded to antidepressants or any kind of medication. Their efforts at cognitive-behavioral therapy and other types of therapy have failed. Even sessions of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) have proven unsuccessful. These people are the sickest of the sick, and spend their days in […]

Enjoy the Scenery


I was moved by the comment of Samuel Lopez De Victoria on my Psychcentral post, “If You Build It, He Will Come.” I found his tale to be inspiring because I’m facing so many unknowns in my life right now, and it’s becoming clearer that the way I’ve worked for the last 15 years needs […]

6 Steps to Serenity


I don’t know how many times I utter the Serenity Prayer in a day, but it’s well into the double digits. In fact, the words penned by the late theologian Reinhold Niebuhr may very well be imprinted on my plastic brain because its message is so central to my mission of chasing after sanity. I […]

6 Ways to Cope With Rejection


Your husband ditches you for a girl half his age after 23 years of marriage. The tenth job interview you’ve been on results in another ding letter. Your friends get together for a beer and don’t extend an invitation to you. We all endure rejection, but for us sensitive types, it can be devastating and […]

8 Ways Faith Can Heal


Awhile back “Time” Magazine published some fascinating articles on the “biology of belief”: how faith can heal us. Folks who attend church services on Sunday have a lower risk of dying in any one year than the guys who sleep in, read the paper, and skip all holy activities. “Spirituality predicts for better disease control,” […]

Top 4 Sources of Motivation for Managing Depression


What motivates you when managing depression? Recently Everyday Health asked that question to readers since 58 percent of readers said they wish for motivation every morning to manage their illness. More specifically, 50 percent wanted strength; 49 percent wanted happiness; and 41 percent wanted peace of mind. Here are the results: the top four sources of motivation for […]

What Causes Depression?


Depression has long been associated with imbalances of neurotransmitters, chemical messengers in the brain that bridge the synaptic clefts and pass messages from one neuron to the next. Particularly the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, have been said to be responsible for depression and symptoms of mood disorders. However, a wave of research point to […]

Overcoming the 9 Types of Hopelessness

hope in age of anxiety.jpg

I’ve become increasingly intrigued by the topic of hope because, if anything is going to help me climb out of the Black Hole of depression, it’s a sense of hope. In their book, “Hope in the Age of Anxiety,” psychology professors Anthony Scioli and Henry Biller discuss hope from a variety of different perspectives, combining […]